Finding the Best Tubeless Road Bike Wheels

    What Is Important When Finding the Best Tubeless Road Bike Wheelsets?

    Tubeless Road Bike Wheels
    Some people say the frame of a bike is the heart and the wheels are the soul. Upgrading a bike from its stock wheels and going to tubeless wheelset can have a lasting impact on your performance. Tubeless wheels eliminate the possibility of pinch flats, reduce rolling resistance and improve your feel for the road. Finding the best tubeless road bike wheels can often be a daunting task. There is no shortage of opinions and half-baked scientific research across many forums and blog posts about the best tubeless road bike wheelset. The options seem endless, and so are the opinions. We are sure all our customers read endlessly before making a decision on a new tubeless clincher wheel.

    Choosing the best tubeless clincher wheel involves contemplating many factors such as weight, spoke count, rim width, rim depth, the hubs and stiffness. We believe all these factors are important, but we also recognize that the build quality makes a big difference. All the best components in the world won’t overshadow a poor wheel build, less expensive wheels if hand built can outperform more expensive wheels.

    Another overlooked aspect in the sea of technical jargon about tubeless wheels is the customer service and reputation of the wheel manufacturer. We understand new tubeless wheels are an investment for years to come, and you expect the wheel manufacturer to stand by its product.

    Our D’Huez wheel is the top rated tubeless road bike wheelset at It’s common for our customers to put thousands of miles on our D’Huez without needing trued. Shift through our D’Huez reviews and you’ll find remark after remark about our founder’s Sean Lamberts attention to customer service. It’s not uncommon for us to see our customer’s local bike shop mechanic impressed with the quality of our wheels compared to other name brand wheel manufacturer.

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    6 products